Kat Clark: TikTok influencer to debut ‘Basically Besties’ podcast tour in Perth with daughter Latisha Clark

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Boasting a whopping 4.1 million followers on TikTok and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Chris Hemsworth, influencer Kat Clark is headed to Perth next week to kick off her “Basically Besties” podcast tour with daughter and bestie, Latisha.

The mother and daughter are using the tour to host a “meet and greet” with their fans, kicking off the fun right here in Perth.

Clark is popping her Perth cherry.

“I’ve never been to Perth — I’ve heard you have the best beaches!” she said.

Clark told The West Australian there was another important reason for starting the show on the west coast.

“Tish (Latisha) spends a lot of time there, she’s got a boyfriend that lives in Perth — we’re going to be meeting him for the first time,” the influencer laughed.

Rewind 19 years and Clark never would have guessed she would be hosting a national tour.

Her content has dealt with toxic relationships in the past. Clark says she remembers thinking to herself that she wanted to be able to help other women in those situations.

With an engaged audience of more than 4 million, it’s safe to say the message is shared loud and clear.

“When my platforms started growing and I was comfortable enough to open up about my past and my story, I was so blown away at how many people messaged me saying, ‘Thanks so much for sharing, you’ve given me the courage to leave my relationship’, Clark said.

“I still get messages to this day — obviously after the initial video it was hundreds of messages, but still to this day and at least once a week – I get a woman messaging me saying, ‘Thanks so much for sharing your journey’.”

Kat says the best thing about her TikTok work is including her family.

Clark said including her two daughters (Latisha and Deja) and husband (Jonathan) in her content made her feel less busy.

From taste-testing international treats to hairdressing and everything in between, the mum of two raves about the short-form video hosting service, saying she had to find a platform that was going to suit her lifestyle — “that’s TikTok”.

“I’ve still got to do mum things — I’m still doing laundry, I’m still making lunches, I’m still everyone’s Uber driver,” she joked.

When not on mum duties and with kids on social media remaining a hot topic, Kat says she always consults her youngest before recording.

“I always say to her — if there’s anything that we’ve spoken about that you don’t want to include you just need to tell me. I run things by my kids before I post,” she said.


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